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Reviews Keep Us Going

Thank you so much to all the many people who take the time to review Mandurah Caravan & Tourist Park and provide us highly valued feedback. Our amazing staff work really hard to deliver the best service and they are above all else super friendly.

However, sometimes we just don't get it right - it could be due to the weather, too much noise, an overbooking or sometimes we are just so busy we forget to pass on important booking details. After all - we are only human! So, that is why we rely on customer satisfaction surveys, polls, emails, greeting cards, Google & Facebook reviews, Tripadvisor,, Wiki Camps and many other forums to provide us with honest reliable feedback so we can improve and grow our business into what our customers require. After all - that's 'why' we exist.

Our business is your relaxing holiday with family friends and your furry family members!

Here's some of our greatest hits:

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