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Caravanning - It's a Dog's Life!

So many cute pets visit us - all year round!

We've had the pleasure of welcoming all shapes and sizes but usually birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, kangaroos, possums, dogs, cats, snakes, goldfish and once an emu - but he was just a visitor!

Caravanning - It's a Dog's Life!

We are situated close to the Serpentine River which makes for a fabulous walking track for pet owners staying with us on holiday.

Webster Way is a closed street which is great area away from traffic for throwing sticks and exercising dogs.

Many dogs visit our office to catch up on gossip with Middy - our furry Receptionist. She's always sunning herself or chatting to customers, which is probably why she doesn't get much work done.

We look forward to welcoming our pets and greet them with a special doggy treat on arrival.

Caravanning and Camping is definitely a Dog's Life.

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