G'day All - REGGIE here!

As you all know I'm a fixer of things, so I thought you'd all like to see how to fix up the rubber runners when you get a blow out. It's   really essential to repair your thongs, regularly.

Well, it's been pretty cold here of a mornin' so I've had to break into denim to cover up my old frosty pins. 

The boys have been flat out like lizards drinkin' - givin' the trees a haircut so that the leaves don't drown us out this Summer. I swear those bloody leaves breed overnight during the hot days, but we should get it under control in time.

Stone the Crows! - Can ya believe Xmas in July is just 'round the corner and the 'tin lids' will be here for the school holidays?

We've had loads of 'oldies' lately - (folks about my age) travellin' 'round with their ripper RV's and Caravans takin' 

advantage of quieter times (no kids!). It's always great to have visits from regulars, but I like meetin' people from overseas. 

I saw these 2 French backpackers the other day in the camp kitchen and I nearly wet myself laughin'. To see them eating tuna fish   out of a can - delicately spreading it on the old Saladas - like it was a 'posh' pate. The poor buggers, could hardly speak English, but I didn't have the heart to tell them they were eatin' cat food. They were like pigs in mud - lovin' themselves, so I wasn't goin' to spoil their lunch. I still get a laugh out of that one!

Anyway, it's time to get back to work - that's me diggin' the hole - whilst everyone else gives instructions! Cheers All!