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Happy Hours & Food Truck Frenzy

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Mandurah Caravan & Tourist Park brings 'Food Trucks' and 'Happy Hours' right to your door.

We showcase local beer and wine for tasting and purchase from Three Rivers Brewing, Millbrook Winery and Thorny Devil Craft Beer & Cider.

Our Food Trucks arrive from all over WA

Islander Malays

Chips Flips & Sips

Wicked Waffles

Smokey Js' BBQ

Letz Waffle

Sunset Coast Ice cream

Dirty Dogs

Pizza Joe's

Watch out for our posts on Facebook and Instagram advertising the next 'Happy Hour' or Food Truck Frenzy at Mandurah Caravan & Tourist Park. We usually hold them on a long weekend and advertise the day and time well in advance.

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